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In-Person Service Relaunch Announcement!

As a Leadership Team, we have been carefully examining the provincial health guidelines and put much thought and discussion into assessing the feasibility of a return to in-person gathering in our church building. We recognize that we have church family members whose comfort levels fit across the spectrum in regards to regathering in-person. We want to affirm each family as they examine their own comfort levels and reasons for either regathering in the church building or continuing to worship and connect via electronic means at home. Both options are very valid.

We want to emphasize that, just as Pastor Tim has said, we, as the church, never shut down. The church is not the building of River West. Rather, the church is our family of people who gather together, either electronically or physically, to focus on the Lordship of Jesus Christ and to grow in our love for Him and for others.

With that being said, we also recognize that after a long time of being physically distant, there are benefits to some of us gathering together again. We believe that the Lord does something special when we gather together in-person. In a very palpable and mysterious way, He weaves us together through these gatherings. We want to be open to Him working in us and through us in these times. We believe that many people attend River West because of the close community that we have and the feeling of family that has been built in our church. Gathering in-person can help to continue building that spirit of closeness and community. We believe that these are good reasons for us to consider an in-person regathering situation.

Therefore, we are pleased and excited to announce that we will be providing the chance to gather together, in-person in our church home starting on July 19th, for those of us who are comfortable. For those of us who are not ready to regather in-person, we will continue to provide an online service experience through Zoom, as we have been since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Click here to join us for our live ZOOM Sunday morning services at 10am. Again, we recognize that each family has to make the best choices for themselves, and we wholeheartedly agree that either method of worship and connection is awesome in this time!

While you consider if a in-person regathering is right for your family, please know that a few things will look understandably different:

  • The RWCC building must be a touch-free zone for the time being. We do this to keep ourselves and others safe. We do this to reduce any anxiety that some of us may feel coming into a situation where there could be potential contact. Of course, we do have a legal obligation to follow AHS regulations. For these reasons, we firmly ask that you completely refrain from hugging, shaking hands, elbow-bumping, or any form of physical touch on church property. This is essential for us to have any in-person gatherings as a church community.
  • (Free) Tickets are required to attend the in-person service on Sunday.  Click here to reserve your ticket today.
  • Wearing a mask is a requirement while in our church building. Mask wearing is a crucial way for us to care for the health and safety of those around us. By wearing a mask, we significantly reduce the chances of spreading COVID-19 to the people around us. 
  • Children's Ministry will be provided for those age 3-9! We’ll have a video area set up and tables and chairs (still spaced appropriately) with colouring sheets and individual bags of crayons for those that need a busy activity. All check-ins will be done via the Information/Registration Desk. At the time of dismissal children will need to be dropped off by a parent and also picked up directly after the service. Please note the children's ministry hallway is one direction walking (east to west).
  • Upon entry every participant without a ticket will need to check-in at the Welcome Desk for contact tracing purposes. Information will be stored internally and only be utilized for AHS tracing purposes. Your online ticket will serve as registration for those with tickets.
  • Seats will be placed far enough away to ensure social distancing, please do not move seats unless it is to fit those within your cohort or those within your household. Please also select the seating grouping that most closely fits the number in your group.
  • Enhanced sanitation procedures will be in affect, if you smell chemicals it’s a good thing!
  • We ask all congregants to wash or sanitize their hands upon entry.
  • The Connections Café will be temporarily closed. We would encourage you to grab a coffee on the way from one of great local establishments (I prefer Starbucks if you are buying!).
  • The east entrance (main doors) will serve as the entrance and the west doors as the exit.
  • If you have traveled outside of Canada, been in contact with someone with COVID-19 or had COVID-19 like symptoms within the last 14 days you are asked to participate via our ZOOM livecast.

We have a high level of confidence in our staff, volunteers, and you as a congregation, in implementing and following the AHS & RWCC guidelines. We believe, with God’s grace, that those of us who are comfortable with coming to our church building will be able to regather in-person in a safe and responsible way.

We look forward to seeing you all, either in person, or online, next Sunday!


RWCC Leadership Team & Pastor Timothy Sesink  


Please be sure to watch the "Walk Through" video below before returning to our first in-person service on Sunday.