What is MOPs?

MOPS stands for Mothers of Preschoolers.

We know that we mother better together, so ALL moms are welcome at MOPS.

From the time you begin your motherhood journey (whatever that looks like for you - pregnancy/adoption/surrogacy/fostering)...to when your kiddo is in Kindergarten, our doors are open. We welcome women from all faith or non-faith backgrounds and beliefs. The vision of MOPS is to see no mom alone - because better moms make a better world!

At MOPS River West, our vision is to provide an enjoyable, faith-based community where moms feel encouraged and supported in their mothering journey.

We build each other up. Talk together. Laugh together. Learn together. Cry together. Face challenges together. We are together on this motherhood journey.


What Should I Expect?

A MOPS meeting includes information and converstion facilitated by guest speakers, demonstrations and videos. Sometimes we get a little crafty, sometimes we meet off-site for a fun change of pace, sometimes we just sit and chat. Most importantly, you'll have honest conversations with other moms who understand the joys and frustrations of motherhood.

Need a little mom connection? A little adult conversation? Strong coffee and a moment to sit still? We do too. We're here for you. Oh! And guess what? We're ALL moms, too. So we totally get that you'll be running in the door at the last minute after getting the kids to bed. Chances are, we will be too!

Our hope is that you will find encouragement, support, relevant teaching, and opportunities to develop relationships with other women who are in your same season of life.


When Do We Meet?

Tuesday evenings from 7:30pm-9:30pm

(September 15 2020 - May 25 2021)


Where Do We Meet?

Our meetings are at River West Christian Church. 19815 45th Ave NW Edmonton.

Phone: 780-487-2275

Email: office@riverwestchurch.org

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MOPsWestEd/

Please feel free to reach out to say "hi" or to connect with us via any of the links above


Why Is There A Fee?

Why do we charge a fee when many other groups in the community are free?

Glad you asked! We are affiliated with MOPs International (MOPS.org) and suscribe to their awesome program content for the whole year. Your fees go towards bringing you relevant content, purchasing program supplies throughout the year and overhead costs.

Our fee is $180/year (or $20/month for 9 months)

If our fee is prohibitive for you, please still reach out to us. No mom left behind!!


What Covid-19 Precautions Are In Place?

We want to assure you that we take the health of our moms, babies and families incredibly seriously and have implemented multiple precautions for the safety and well-being of all attendees:

We will be maintaining appropriate distancing throughout out meetings. Chairs will be pre-arranged to be 6ft apart and we will encourage attendees to space themselves out throughout the room.

We will have hand sanitizer at the entrance of our meeting room. Please use it prior to entering, and as needed throughout the meeting.

We will comply with the current mandate that states that masks must be worn in indoor spaces at all times. We will require that everyone wear a mask during our meetings (please provide your own).

We will not be having shared snacks or coffee this year (we are as devastated about this as you are!!), but we strongly encourage you to pick up a little treat on your way to the meeting. Doughnut? Leftover supper? Bucket of ice cream? Travel mug of tea? It's all fair game.

We have dramatically changed our meeting format this year to an evening format. We ask that you leave your older babies/children at home to ensure that we can maintain distancing/minimize touched surfaces. Newborns and babies who are not yet mobile are more than welcome to attend if needed.

We will be taking attendance at each meeting to ensure that we have the ability to contact-trace if needed.

Above all else, please do not attend if you are feeling unwell in any way. You may not attend if (within the past 14 days) you have/had cold/flu-like symptoms, have been unwell in any way, or have had unprotected exposure to a confirmed or suspected case of Covid-19.

*unprotected exposure is defined as exposure without medical-grade PPE


MOPs International 2020/2021 Promo Video:


River West Church MOPs Program:

It’s a place to journey through motherhood together.

It’s the community we didn’t know would be so important until we became mothers.

It's here for you.

Join us for our 2020-2021 season!


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