Thursday's @ 8pm

Every Thursday night at 8pm while the Covid19 crisis lasts, we're going to host an online prayer time on ZOOM!

ZOOM is an online platform that you can access via any web connected device and allows us to interact with each other even thought we are physically separated. Mobile devices are often best as you then have a camera as well. Please also ensure you are on Wifi to boost the data speed.

To join our ZOOM Meeting follow the following steps:
1. Download ZOOM https://zoom.us/download
2. Click on the link or enter the URL to join the meeting. https://zoom.us/j/103514296
3. When in the meeting, if not speaking, please use the mute button.

Make sure to get your coffee beforehand and change out of your PJ's! :-)

Every follower of Jesus has the confidence and responsibility of nurturing a living relationship with God through two-way communication – speaking and listening to Him in prayer. In times of worship, through sermon messages and in discipleship classes, we encourage each person’s prayer life.

Other prayer options during the CoVid Closure:

River West Prayer Chain

River West has a small group of people who will pray confidentially for urgent needs. To have this group pray for your need, contact the church office at 780-487-2275 or email office@riverwestchurch.org.

Prayer Place

River West has a team of trusted intercessors who will pray for you in person. When we’re meeting in the church building, this takes place at the left front of the sanctuary after the service. Until we are able to be in the building again, if you would like someone to pray with you on the phone, contact the church office at 780-487-2275 or email office@riverwestchurch.org and your request will be passed on to our Prayer Place team.