We are eager to regather physically and upon announcement of Phase 3 and/or higher gathering limits (approx. 30%) for worship gatherings, our physical in-person services will resume. There have been 5 core values that have shaped our pandemic response at River West. While we know this has been incredibly hard, we believe we have been called to model, in life & action, the Kingdom of God in self-sacrificial ways.
The following have been our core guiding values:
1. Submission to government, particularly when we disagree.*
2. Living out our responsibility over claiming our rights.
3. Loving and caring for one another more than ourselves.
4. The church is you & I, united in worship & Word.
5. Looking for where God is moving in the here & now.
*Except when the will & word of God is contravened.
To hear more about these 5 values that have guided us in this time, please view this video from Pastor Tim.