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Church isn't just about information, it's also about connection!

We'll be gathering as a church on Zoom for a live service at 10am (Lobby opens at 9:45am) every Sunday in an effort to connect and worship together. There'll be a pre-service lobby, breakout small group discussions, music, prayer, preaching and so much more!

To join us for the service be sure to take the following steps:
1. Download ZOOM. The bigger the screen the better!
2. At 9:45am every Sunday click on this URL to join.
3. Please enable video (bottom left) as it will be great to see each other.
4. For the pre-service lobby and breakout rooms please enable your microphone (bottom left) but for all other times please leave it muted.
A few tips!
1. Grab a physical Bible and coffee and get comfy!
2. We have room for 500 users so feel free to join as a family on one device or as individuals on many devices.
3. Try to use something that is hands free, your arm will get tired!
4. Wear pants, we can't see them but it's good to know you're wearing them :-) . LOL.

The service will be audio recorded and posted on our website if you can't make our service time.